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11: Maps From The Map Makers Supreme The Finest Dutch Map Makers!  Prints by a Scottish Naturalist With The Finest Natural History Museum & Library in Mid 19th Century!  Plus this weeks Auction Update!

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A brand new episode of the weekly webTV Show Rare Maps and Prints Review hosted by your's truly Kevin Ryan helping you to start discovering more collectable and affordable Rare Maps and Prints.  More antique maps from the 17th Century by the Supreme Dutch Map Makers are reviewed this week along with some of the finest natural history steel engravings. Hey it's Thursday and a brand new episode is here with our resident 'drummer' providing that wake up moment! Plus maps and prints coming up for sale this week in Auction Update.  Make sure you watch on a larger HD monitor screen! You see so much more detail when viewing the rare maps and engraved prints like this!  In this weeks Online Tips & Resources there's a YouTube course - The Educational Series On Map Collecting!

Maps By The Finest Dutch Map Makers explored - A chance to get to see some of the excellent maps from The Blaeu Atlas Major c1665.  England and Wales County Maps from the supreme map makers with the finest engraving and hand colour.  A must have for map collectors! - Some Blaeu Maps available in our ebay store   The Specialist Auctioneer for Printed Books & Maps.  Regular auctions are held monthly and are a must for Map and Print collectors.  The next auction is set for Wednesday 20th July - Don't miss it!

Prints from a Scottish Naturalist -  Prints from the extensive work The Naturalist Library by  Sir William Jardine.    - Available in our store.

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SUBSCRIBE to My YouTube Channel - Over on the YouTube Channel you can see lots of other videos on the subject of Rare Maps and Prints including the excellent "Educational Series on Map Collecting by George Ritzlin" highlighted in this weeks show.  There are playlist to make it easy for you to navigate, with numerous videos on sublects like, "Map Makers" "Learn About Rare Maps" "Rare Maps Collections" plus videos about collecting antique maps and prints. I'm adding new video content each week so simply click the link above to head over to YouTube!

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